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Healthier Ice Cream (3 Ways)

Sometimes you have to do the real deal and enjoy every creamy, delicious bite.

But if your family is like mine, the request for ice cream in the summer is almost daily and I have to find alternate cool treats.

Here are three alternatives to traditional dairy (sugar and preservative laden) ice cream when you want to mix it up:

Ice Cream Sundaes

For the ice cream base, I love using banana ice cream (plain, with almond butter or with cocoa powder for chocolate).

We turn these into fun sundaes by topping them with banana slices or blueberries, chopped peanuts, (or chia "sprinkles") and "chocolate" syrup.

For the syrup, I used organic peanut butter chocolate powder. You simply add a teaspoon or two of water to get the consistency you want and you have a delicious, lower sugar syrup.

When I can, I prefer to make my own coconut whipped cream.

With all the fun toppings, this combo is always a hit!


"Gelato or Sherbet"

We love to take the banana ice cream a step further and mix in frozen berries.

Here's a simple recipe: 2 small frozen bananas (in chunks), 1 c. frozen berries of any kind (we love blueberries and raspberries) and a splash of almond milk. I often throw in handful of spinach as well because it's undetectable.

Protein Frozen Yogurt

This one is for the moms. I like to stir 1 scoop of vanilla or chocolate protein powder into plain yogurt or Greek yogurt to add sweetness, flavor and additional protein.

I like to top mine with chia seeds and berries.

You can eat this like a soft serve "ice cream" or freeze it to make a colder treat.

Bonus Fruit Cone

So this one isn't "ice cream" at all but we keep gluten free cones on hand in the summer time and on the "non dessert" nights my daughter likes to fill up her cone with fresh fruit to finish off dinner.

Mango and berries are perfect... easy, colorful and yummy!

Do you incorporate ice cream alternatives at home?

Have you tried banana ice cream yet?

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