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Are you self-sabotaging?

It's January. We're only a few weeks into our new goals, resolutions or intentions. Are you having success? Or are you finding yourself stuck?

It's very common to move in the right direction for a few weeks and then self-sabotage your success. Has this happened to you? Maybe you lose a few pounds and then suddenly you're back to your late night snacking and gain it all back.

Maybe you get your 3 workouts in a week and then find yourself replacing that time with errands, or sleeping in, or making other excuses.

Many times it comes back to our mindset.

We all have self-limiting beliefs. These are thoughts we allowed ourselves to hear (from ourselves or others) repeatedly until they became our truths.

We feel unworthy. We can't play big. We don't have the self-confidence other women have. Or we tell ourselves we have no will power. We are destined to be what we are right now.

Having a little taste of success can be terrifying! It can reveal to us, not our weaknesses, but our potential! And if we don't have the mindset and support system to back us up, the fear can be crippling and cause us to settle back into what is comfortable... back to all those old habits that we had hoped to break this year.

Do you have thoughts that are not serving you well? Do you believe there are limits to your potential?

Your playing small does not serve the world! You have unique gifts and skills that are meant to be used to impact the world and make a difference, however large or small.

When we self-sabotage, in our health journey or in other areas, we put ourselves right back where we started.

What can you do?

Actively let go of the negative thoughts.. .the ones that tell you that you can't do this, you aren't good enough, you'll never achieve your goals.

You don't have to believe them. They are just that: thoughts! They are not truth, and do not define your reality.

Choose instead to focus on gratitude, hope, and possibilities. Surround yourself with support. Dig deep when it gets tough. Use that determination and grit to pull through to the other side until it does get easier... because if you stick with it, the fear will dissipate and you'll find yourself stronger than ever.

The fears may still come, but you'll have learned that they don't have to stop you from succeeding.

When has fear stopped you?

Have you found you self sabotage when you being to make steps forward?

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