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Muscle is Linked to Metabolic Health

You've likely heard that we lose muscle as we age, and that it is important to maintain muscle for health and longevity, and even for weight management.

Recent research is making even more interesting connections between muscle and metabolic health, noting that skeletal muscle is now considered an endocrine organ because of the way it interacts with other metabolic organs, and its role with nutrient use to help maintain energy balance.

This means that muscle can be linked to metabolic health concerns such as obesity, insulin resistance, prediabetes, and elevated cholesterol.

While my primary focus is on the balance of nutrients and quality of food in order to prevent disease or reverse elevated blood glucose or cholesterol or to reduce weight gain, physical movement is also an important factor, particularly strength training exercises.

When appropriate movement is balanced with appropriate nutrients and fueling, the body has the tools in place to move toward a place of health and healing.

It doesn't require hours in the gym. Getting back to the basics is always the best place to begin. Sunshine, movement for 30 minutes most days with a mix of cardio and strength, incorporating nutrient dense foods, balancing blood sugar, hydrating, reducing stress and quality sleep can set your body up to balance itself again.

Starting with just 10 minutes of strength moves twice a week can make a difference.

If you need guidance or accountability to keep moving forward, reach out for a free consult, or sign up for a session to keep you moving toward your goals.


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