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Why you may not be losing weight, part 3

In the first parts of this series, we looked at the role of hormonal imbalances and sugar in weight loss struggles. Today, we're going to look at inflammation.

Inflammation is linked to weight gain, insulin resistance, fat accumulation and leptin resistance. It can be due to poor food choices, environmental toxins, and stress, all of which tie it back to the hormonal imbalances and sugar cravings we already discussed.

If you have a blood panel done, C-reactive protein is the marker that measures inflammation in the body, and is also considered a predictor of disease.

Whether or not you know your inflammation markers, it is important for everyone to aim for an anti-inflammatory way of eating for long-term health. A few things you can do:

1) Decrease processed foods and sugars. These provide minimal nutrition and often include ingredients that increase inflammation in the body, including white flour, sugar, and processed oils.

2) Improve your gut: Your microbiome is a crucial part of keeping you healthy- all those good 'bugs' fight off the bad ones. A healthy gut has also been linked to healthier body weight. Limit or avoid the use of antibiotics when possible and include gut friendly foods like probiotic rich fermented foods and prebiotic rich fibrous veggies. You may also want to supplement with a high quality probiotic.

3) Include anti-inflammatory foods: Some of the best include dark green veggies, berries of all kinds, dark chocolate (yay!), salmon and walnuts. A high quality Omega 3 supplement can also be very beneficial.

4) Chill! Build in more time for relaxing, sleeping and de-stressing.

Is there one of these four areas that you'd like to focus more on?


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