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 Personalize Your Meal Plan for Your Goals

With the meal plan, you will receive:

  • Delicious (and simple) meals customized to your food preferences

  • Sample breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes so you know exactly what to eat to reach your goals

  • Grocery lists to save you time

  • Tips for meal prep

Meal plans are tailored to you

$150 for a 4-week plan

Meal plans are also incorporated into coaching plans!


Includes a FREE assessment call to set you up for success!

Ready to start? Contact me directly to schedule our initial consultation!

Laura, I just wanted to chime in how much I am enjoying the recipes - best part is my husband has started participating (the best way he can).  He is overweight, and very ol’ school in his eating habits.  On Sunday we made the One Pan, Eggs and Brussels sprouts together - and it was a HUGE success.  He was surprised how much he enjoyed it.  We also made the chicken and I used kale slaw with peanut sauce - and he liked it even better than I did.  So kudos to you -  I am so excited about trying this week's recipes!


I really can’t thank you enough. This has been life changing for me -truly! I feel great and the food is delicious! I know you said not to get on the scale but ... I’ve lost 9 lbs ! I’m not feeling deprived at all and as long as I can keep up with the extra chopping/shopping/cooking time I think it will continue to work for me.



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