December 9, 2019

I think we all know it in our gut.  There are not short cuts!

Skipping meals and starving yourself doesn't work.

Starting a juice cleanse will stress out your body and the pounds will come right back (and often more!) as soon as you resume regular, healthy eating.


November 13, 2019

Intermittent fasting is at an all time high in popularity right now, but not all of the research shows that it is beneficial for women.

Many times, studies are done on men, and women are considered more difficult to study because of the hormonal changes throughout the m...

October 28, 2019

Did you know that many additives, preservatives and dyes that are used in food in the US are banned in other countries?

For example, the use of artificial dyes and colors in processed foods is banned in Norway and Austria.  In 2009, the British government promised to st...

October 8, 2019

Green smoothies are a trend that is still going strong.  It's easy to hide spinach or kale in a smoothie and get those greens in at breakfast, packing a powerful nutritional punch.

However, as creatures of habit, I find that most women use the same green every day- a ha...

September 24, 2019

Fall is officially here, even if the temperatures aren't quite yet, at least in the northeast!

I don't go crazy over all things pumpkin, but I do love to make this pumpkin oatmeal for my girls for a fast breakfast.  The pumpkin adds flavor and nutrients, and keeps the...

August 13, 2019

Summer is the ideal time to fill your plate with veggies, alongside a piece of grilled fish or chicken or steak, or maybe a bean burger or lentil salad.

When my parents were visiting last weekend, they brought local tomatoes, corn, spinach salad and peaches, and I added...

July 10, 2019

Over and over I hear similar questions from new clients... should I try keto? Should I go vegetarian? What about intermittent fasting or carb cycling?

In terms of long term health, heart health and weight management, the keto/Whole 30 advocates will tell you carbs are t...

June 24, 2019

In a time where everyone seems to choose a side (vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, keto), I want to remind you that you can get great results without going all in 100% to any particular dietary theory.

Yes, if your body reacts negatively to gluten or dairy or has a...

May 28, 2019

Pre-kids, I enjoyed making my own bread, spring rolls, sushi, and more.  And then I took a long break from some of the more tedious food prep items... who has the time?  But lately I've been ready to dive back in.  Spring rolls are relatively quick and easy and delicio...

May 13, 2019

I have a huge sweet tooth, and I seem to have passed it down to my girls as well.

We try to limit desserts and processed sweets in our house, but one of the ways we’ve dealt with the request for dessert after dinner is by having an alternative “treat” for the girls (or...

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