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Frequently Asked Reset Questions

Every fall, the reset kicks off in September. There is a core group who return each time as we turn our intention to nutritious foods for two weeks.

There are also FAQs every time, so let's tackle those today:

Can I participate if I'm vegetarian?

Yes! For each week, I create two meal plans: one that includes meat and seafood and a separate vegetarian plan. I send both meal plans to everyone so you can mix and match between them as well.

I don't have time to cook every night. Would it make sense for me to join?

The meal plans are meant to serve as a general guide. Some participants choose 1-3 dinner recipes and repeat the same breakfast and lunch every day, and that is fine. Others incorporate meal delivery services and focus on the principles of mostly real food, as outlines in the Reset guide, to follow along with minimal cooking. There is lots of wiggle room to make it work for you and your family.

I can't give up xyz (chocolate, wine, chips, etc). How would it benefit me?

Participants are used to hearing me say it is NOT about perfection. It's a focused time to incorporate as many nutrient dense foods in as you can. Don't worry about giving things up... focus on what you can add in to help you feel better, more balanced, more energized, more focused and experience fewer cravings. Few people have done the reset perfectly (myself included) but the benefit comes from loading up on more nutrient dense foods than your normal habits may include.

If I include the herbs (cleanse kit), will I be running to the toilet all day?

No! This is a very common question, actually, and I wish the word "cleanse" was not on the herbs kit because it is simply adding greens (alfalfa), probiotics and gentle milk thistle to help your body process toxins in the liver. You can go about your normal day!

Will I be hungry?

You should feel satisfied and full. If you are hungry, increase portion sizes. The goal is to honor those hunger cues. Higher quality foods are more filling than processed ones. For example, it's easy to eat 3-4 cookies, but more challenging to eat 3-4 apples at once.

It's unfortunate that the word "reset" is associated with fad starvation diets but this is not one of them. It includes breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner for each day. If you find it is not enough food, reach out and I can help you tailor it to meet your needs (particularly if you are very active).

What if I have questions as we go along?

We have a private Facebook group for questions, and you also receive daily emails from me with tips as we go along. You can reach out to me at anytime as we go along.

I hope this helps! If I didn't touch on your question, message me.

The next reset just opened here, and kicks off September 18th!


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