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Who is the reset for?

  • "I'm feeling bloated and sluggish and want my energy back."

  • "I eat well most of the time but my healthy habits have been slipping lately."

  • "I need a nutrition overhaul."

  • "I'd like to kick start weight loss."

What is it?

Two weeks of real food with the option of a cleanse on week one.


During the reset, your body will go through a 3-Step Process.


Boost your metabolism with delicious, nutrient dense foods.


You know you completed this stage when your cravings subside and you feel satisfied and energized.


As your body adapts and finds its new balance, you lose weight and bloat to feel amazing!

What you get:

  • Two 7-day meal plans + grocery lists

  • Dozens of real food, delicious recipes, including a bonus e-book with healthy snacks and treats

  • Accountability and support through daily emails + private FB group

The healthy cleanse option includes the cleanse kit (high quality probiotics, greens and milk thistle) to take your reset up a notch!


I really can't thank you enough. This reset has been life changing for me - truly! I feel great and the food is delicious! I know you said not to get on the scale but...I've lost 9 lbs since last Mon AM, the day we started the reset. I'm not feeling deprived at all. I wanted to lose weight for a while but couldn't seem to figure it out. I'd have some good days and then go off track. I love the structure of what you've provided. It's really working for me!"


Laura! I am so happy I decided to take the plunge and do this cleanse! I am down 5 lbs but more importantly I have learned how to eat healthy and not suffer from the dreaded hunger pains! This year I want to lose 15 lbs this was a great jump start and education to how I should be eating to lose the weight! 


I am feeling pretty phenomenal after a week. For me, the advance prep was probably the biggest thing I learned about myself (if  I haven't prepared in advance, I'll gravitate towards bad choices), and I also learned that I feel a lot better without sugar in my diet... I feel less bloated and more energetic when I cut out the sugar and am more mindful about eating whole foods.


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