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Laura Peifer Wellness is moving!

Some big news in our world. After 10 years in northern NJ, our family is moving back to Lancaster, PA- the town where both my husband and I grew up and where we still have family and many old friends. We're looking forward to exposing our girls to their "roots" before they launch off on their own.

I will continue to have an office for in person sessions in our new location, and will continue to offer virtual/ telehealth sessions.

My current clients will move with me as everyone has been choosing telehealth since Covid. The biggest change is that I am now a licensed RD in PA and clients living there may be able to be reimbursed for sessions.

The blog has been a bit quieter lately in the flurry of buying, selling and packing, but I'd love to hear any looming questions you want me to address in future blog posts- feel free to leave a comment or email and let me know what's going on in your world!



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