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5 Meal Prep Lunch Ideas

In two weeks, I'm starting full time hours in hospital rotations to complete the clerkship portion of my MS in Nutrition/RD.

And while I'm excited, I'm also nervous to get back to packing lunches and rushing out the door every morning to be on time.

I've gotta step up my meal prep game!

As I started collecting a few go to options, I put them into a mini recipe book to share with you too.

It can be super simple. Balancing meals is key - tossing in a grain, protein, veggies and then a healthy fat and/or dressing to add lots of flavor.

These recipes are balanced and there are endless substitutions you can make in the grain, protein or veggie based on what you have on hand. Choose one for the week and make a big batch to divvy out into lunch containers that are easy to grab.

I hope they spark some ideas for you!


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