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Are you struggling to get the results you want on your own?

Let's work together to help you achieve a balanced, healthy, happy life (+ room for chocolate!)

What does coaching include?
Step 1: Personalize Your Plate

Let's create a personal "roadmap to health" for your unique body type so you feel confident in your choices. 

No foods have to be off limits.


We'll also tackle cravings, emotional eating or any other food struggles you might have to make healthy eating easier

Beyond food, we'll explore how your sleep, physical activity, stress, relationships and work balance (and more) are connected to your health.      

Step 2:
Simple Tweaks
and Education

Eating the right foods at the right times will improve your energy and healthy weight maintenance.

For athletes, we will focus on specific types of fuel and timing to enhance your performance goals.

Step 3:

Beyond food, we'll look at the whole picture: how might stress, sleep, physical activity, work, or family balance be impacting your results and your health?

Step 4:
Your Body

What negative messages are you telling yourself and believing about your body?

We are often our own harshest critic. We learn how to honor your body with self-compassion so that your results are sustainable for life!

Your personalized wellness plan includes:


  • two 45-minute sessions per month

  • support between sessions

  • personalized meal plans with delicious, simple recipes

  • coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want

  • simple but informative handouts that will increase your nutrition knowledge

  • access to my monthly newsletter with the latest health tips and recipes


Ready to get started?

Let's set up a free discovery session to discuss your goals
Nutrition coaching: $95/session or $189/month (2 sessions)


* Note: If you live in PA, you may be eligible for health insurance coverage. Currently accepting Highmark, Cigna, United, Independence Blue Cross, Medicare and Capitol.

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