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What's in season now and more reasons to choose it!

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I assume you know the many benefits of eating local, seasonal foods:

  • more nutritious

  • more flavorful

  • fresher and longer lasting

  • better for the environment

  • more economical

  • less pesticides

  • better for the local farmers/economy

But have you considered that the foods growing around us right now are the ones our bodies need most?

They provide nutrients that fit the demands of our body in that particular season.

Lighter, cooling salads and fresh fruit in the summer provide additional quality carbs for energy for the long days and the juicy produce keeps us hydrated.

The fall foods are particularly immunity boosting to prepare us for winter- especially apples, onion and garlic.

In the winter, our bodies crave the warmer, grounding root vegetables and more energy-dense foods to keep us warm. The extra fat and protein helps us stay strong.

In spring, the roots, fresh greens and baby vegetables are naturally detoxifying to cleanse our bodies from winter's heavier foods and help us to shed a little weight and get energized for the more active months ahead.

The traditional people of any part of the world eat local diets that give them exactly what they need to thrive in that environment.

Of course, now we can mix and match foods from all around the world at any time of year. It’s not that we cannot have tropical foods in colder seasons, but it may be helpful to recognize the energy that food brings and what it offers the body. High sugar, cooling fruits are not needed in the winter.

In the northeast, we are starting to see lots of local produce arriving at farmer's markets and grocery stores (or in our back yards!) Here's what is currently local:

- strawberries

- scallions

- lettuces, spinach, kale and greens of all kinds

- sugar snap peas

- red beets

- baby potatoes

- asparagus

- early carrots

- kohlrabi, broccoli and cabbages

Look for local, seasonal produce where you shop and mix up your food season by season to give your body all the benefits that nature intended!



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