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5 Health Goals to Choose From for 2018

Happy New Year!

Resolutions and goals can be fun to make, but we all know most of them fail.

Instead of overwhelming yourself with goals this year, choose 1 or 2 simple health tweaks to adopt, such as:

1. Include veggies at BOTH lunch and dinner

This is an easy way to boost the overall fiber, vitamins and nutrients in your diet and can help you to "crowd out" the junk to naturally eat less of the processed foods without feeling deprived.

2. Skip the processed foods for snacks

Rather than reaching for bars or processed snacks (however healthy they may claim to be), make your go to snacks unprocessed: nuts, seeds, fresh fruit, yogurt, veggies and dips, popcorn or homemade granola bars are great options.

If you want to add a few tortilla chips to your dinner or have a piece of dark chocolate with lunch, go for it! Eating them alongside a nutritious meal will keep your portions in check and help you feel satisfied with a small amount.

3. Sleep more

It's so simple, but aiming for 8 hours of sleep can drastically improve the sugar and salty cravings! When we are tired, our hunger regulating hormones are suppressed and our body insists on more carbs and sugar to boost our energy.

4. Consider themed dinner nights

Meal planning becomes easier if Tuesday is always taco night, and Thursday is always breakfast for dinner. Include the whole family in a meal planning discussion and start a simple Monday through Friday plan where you aim to cook at least 3 times over the course of the week.

The more often you cook, the less fat, sugar, salt, chemicals and preservatives your family will be consuming.

5. Drink more water and herbal tea

Stay hydrated, even through the winter! Extra water, seltzer, herbal teas and even a cup of coffee each day will help keep you well hydrated, reduce headaches, boost energy and help you feel healthier and more balanced.

Flavor your water with lemon, lime, berries, cucumber or mint to make it more appealing.

What's one health related goal you are taking on this year? Make it a lifestyle goal- not a crash diet- and you'll make a long term investment in your health.

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