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Getting healthier is more than changing habits

A lot of work goes into making dietary changes.

The meal planning, grocery shopping, meal prep, and then convincing ourselves that the healthier option is really what we want to eat at a meal!

But even if we manage to revamp our cupboards, try new foods and battle our sweet tooth, there is another piece to the puzzle that is often overlooked.

An identity shift. This is key!

For years, you might see yourself as a person who loves to enjoy good food... or maybe as a person who hates to cook and will happily live on sandwiches and cereal. Or maybe you define yourself by your weight and have fears around losing weight and drawing more attention to yourself.

Making changes is a huge identity shift. And if you aren't prepared for it, you'll slip right back into your old habits because that's "just who you are."

Instead, start boosting your success by telling yourself that you are a healthy eater. Note how much you are enjoying the new soup you made, or how well you stuck to the meal plan.

Some people find labels work well to change their identity as an eater- saying "I am now a vegetarian", or "I don't eat white flour" shifts who you are and what your habits might be without the battle and decisions at every meal.

Others find they need to constantly remind themselves that "off" days are normal- a day or weekend of emotional eating does not mean you are failing and unable to be a healthier person.

A "perfect" diet is a balance of nourishing, delicious foods with a little wiggle room for foods that you love to indulge in.

Have you made dramatic shifts in your health?

Have you noticed the identity shift that comes along with lifestyle changes?

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