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Add these herbs to reach a healthy weight (part 3)

We learned some of the key minerals needed for optimal functioning and healthy weight in parts one and two, and now I want to share a few herbs that can make a big difference.

Check your pantry for these, and start cooking with them!

Mint - Excellent source of magnesium and a great stress reducer (which also benefits weight loss)

Rosemary - Great for active individuals as it prevents muscle pain and spasms, and also prevents diabetes

Thyme- Great source of magnesium, phosphorous and iron (all key nutrients from part 1 and 2!)

Parsley- Source of magnesium, phosphorous and Vitamin C

Ginger- Reduces blood sugar which aids in a healthy weight and is also great for an upset stomach

Cayenne- Contains capsaicin which is known for increasing metabolism

Use fresh herbs when you have them to top meat, vegetables or salads or use the dried herbs in roasts, soups or stews.

Bonus points if you grow a few of your own! You can buy small plants and they do well in outdoor or indoor pots (outdoors only in the spring and summer).

My girls will often grab a handful or mint or basil to play on when they run by it in the yard!

Do you grow any of your own herbs? Which of these are you currently cooking with?

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