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How to Return to Healthier Eating After the Holidays

I think we all know it in our gut. There are not short cuts!

Skipping meals and starving yourself doesn't work. Starting a juice cleanse will stress out your body and the pounds will come right back (and often more!) as soon as you resume regular, healthy eating. Cutting out one macro group (all carbs, all fats, etc) confuses your body and raises your cortisol.


Because if you go to extremes, your metabolism will drop with the reduced caloric intake. Then when you resume normal eating, the scale climbs because your metabolism is no longer as high as it had been, and you have to carefully rebuild your metabolism. This is a problem you do not want!

What you can do instead:

  • Eat your typical daily calories, no more and certainly not drastically less.

  • Swap out junk calories for nutrient packed calories for a week or two that will GIVE you energy, reduce cravings and keep you full and satisfied.

  • Balance your protein, carbs and fat for better body composition without going hungry.

This is what we do in the 14 day reset every January. Because I don't know anyone who likes being hungry! It's never a sustainable way to improve your health (or the scale).

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