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Free 7 Day Sugar Detox

I know I can't be the only one who finds myself reaching for more sweet foods on the long, cold winter days. Anyone else?

But now with the hope of spring, I'm ready to kick sugar back out of my diet and start fresh. I always feel better and more energetic without the fake energy boost of sugar. The pick me up is temporary - I crash and feel worse afterwards.

If sugar cravings have been getting the best of you too, join me for a 7 day detox!

We'll begin Monday, April 6th (the day after Easter).


- No white, refined sugar

- Fresh fruit and small amounts of dried fruit are okay

- Lactose (milk sugar) from unsweetened dairy is also okay

- Skip the artificial stuff

- Bonus points if you can pass on honey and maple syrup too!

Wanna join? Register here!

We'll check in on Facebook each morning at 10am for tips and accountability!

Do you struggle with sugar cravings?

Have you done a sugar detox before?

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