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What's in my refrigerator

It's easy to talk about the "perfect" way to eat- the best sources of good nutrient dense food, plant based eats, protein, and Omega-3 rich fats. But perfection is not reality for most of us, and I've swung all over the map trying to determine the "best" foods for our family.

Right now we're in a fairly balanced place, I think. So I wanted to give you a little peak into our fridge and what it takes to feed a family of four real food most of the time (mom, dad, 5 year old and 1 yo girls).

Disclaimer: Remember that everyone is unique. Meat works for some, not for others. Dairy works for some, not for others. After lots of experimenting and understanding our body types, this is what works pretty well for us.

Top shelf:

Homemade jelly, my husband's sourdough starter, almond butter, Trader Joe's dark chocolate almond bark, leftovers and Stonyfield yogurt (we usually have both the full fat plain and the Greek on hand.)

Second shelf:

Pasta sauce, organic maple syrup, dates, leftover lentils and chili, 1/2 a banana, salsa, sauerkraut, plain full fat yogurt, kiwis and more leftovers.

3rd Shelf:

Eggs, prunes (we give 1-2 to baby J daily), tomato soup (L's favorite), cream cheese, tofu, two kinds of hummus, leftovers for the baby, and spinach.

Middle drawer: