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Almond Chocolate Chip Energy Bites

I love to try new recipes and surf through the many drool-worthy recipes on my Pinterest board but I find myself making the same favorite snacks over and over each week.

And these delicious energy bites:

You can use any protein powder you like. I prefer Shaklee's Life Shake because of their commitment to purity. In over 50 years, they have never had a recall for any product and never will because of the stringent beyond organic testing on everything they product. That is really important to me, and means that it is safe for my girls as well, while most protein powders are found to have contaminants of heavy metals when tested.

These are also a great snack for my girls to share on play dates because they think it's a dessert, but they're also getting a good dose of protein and healthy fat.

Granted, it's the chocolate chips that take it over the top!

What is one of your family's weekly staples?

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