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Reset for fall without crazy restrictions

I have offered dozens of resets over the years. My first few were sugar detoxes, and while I was passionate it, the reality is that few people are successful at cutting out sugar altogether.

And if you aren't successful, guess what? You feel like a failure. And if you feel like you failed, you throw in the towel and eat whatever you want, self-sabotaging your experience and results.

Through trial and error, I've found that the most successful resets are not about perfection, restriction or some crazy specific guidelines. Success comes with a focus on MORE of the good stuff.

More veggies.

More protein.

More complex carbs.

More water.

More greens.

More self-love.

More relaxation.

More sleep.

More gentle exercise.

More real butter, steak and potatoes. And let's not forget the chocolate.

If that sounds like something you can get behind, join us for the next September reset!

We are a supportive group, identifying the choices we can make for life... not setting ourselves on a yo-yo "dieting" path.

Message me if you have questions, or check out more info here!

Do you feel the need to reset after a summer of BBQ's and ice cream?

Have you ever tried something too restrictive and felt like a failure?

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