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DIY Carrot Cake 'Larabars'

Larabars are one of my go to snacks, especially on busy days when I'm looking for something sweet without all the processed ingredients. I tend to stick to my tried and true flavors, like Apple Pie and Cashew Cookie, but last weekend I had Carrot Cake for the first time and was blown away. Have you had it?

I was checking all the ingredients and realized I could come up with something similar with the ingredients I had on hand and it's been my post lunch treat or mid-afternoon pick me up all week.

DIY Carrot Cake Larabars

3/4 c. dried figs

3/4 c. cashews (I used raw, unsalted)

1 small carrot, shredded

1/2 c. dried pineapple

dash of cinnamon

1/8 cup of rolled oats as needed

Blend the figs through the cinnamon in a food processor until smooth. If the batter is particularly sticky, blend in enough rolled oats to make a consistency that is easy to roll into balls without sticking to your hands. I pressed mine into a small container and cut into bars. I think the pineapple is the secret ingredient- don't skip it! Makes 8-10 small bars.

This is a great cost effective way to make your own healthy bars or energy bites.

Do you have a favorite Larabar flavor?

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