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Tips for Eating Well Back in the Office

Are you heading back into the office or a new fall routine?

I'm hearing from several of my clients that they will be going back to work in person this fall and are nervous about getting back on track with early workouts, packing lunches, healthy snacks, getting enough sleep- back to juggling all of the things again!

Having a plan is key. And keep it simple!

Lunch does not have to be fancy- a combo of carbs, protein and veggies with a little fat is the goal. Yes, you can get that in a beautiful large salad with sweet potato, salmon, cucumbers, carrots, olives, almonds and feta cheese OR you can also get that balance of nutrients in a sandwich or wrap with leftover rotisserie chicken, prewashed lettuce or sprouts and hummus, with baby carrots and a pear on the side.

A few tips to help:

* Plan 3-4 dinners for the week and use leftovers for lunch.

* Choose a lunch that you can repeat all week.

* Stock up on yogurts, nuts, fruit, ready-to-eat veggies and hummus packs, string cheese, hardboiled eggs or bars like RXbar, Kind bar or GoMacro bars for snacks.

* Use your freezer for quick dinners like turkey burgers, salmon or shrimp and stir fry veggie blends, brown rice or quinoa, meatballs, frozen veggies for sides and even freezer meals such as Trader Joe's Indian freezer options.

Keep breakfast easy too... a smoothie can be made the night before the kept in the fridge overnight. A batch of overnight oats, steel cut oats or baked oatmeal can be made on Sunday and will last for 4-5 days. Egg bakes are quick to throw together over the weekend and can be eaten warm or cold. Toast with peanut butter and fruit with a yogurt can cover all your bases: carb, protein, healthy fat and fiber.

Are you heading back to work after a year and a half of work from home? What tips and tricks help keep you nourished when time is tight?


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