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Do you need to detox?

There are detoxes every where you look, especially this time of year as the holidays approach.

Everyone is looking for a quick fix to feel better or lose weight, but do you need to detox?

Actually, your body is very efficient at detoxifying itself- the kidney and liver are always at work, removing the more toxic additives, preservatives, chemicals or heavy metals.

However, with the amount of processed foods and sugars we now consume, a simple real food reset can help give your body a break to allow it to catch up a bit, and real food has the benefits of boosting your mood, your energy, your fat burning ability and your satisfaction and fullness after a meal. Win, win, win.

I host group resets 2-3 times every year as it is normal to eat well for a few weeks or months and slowly slip back into some old eating habits or behaviors. Having the accountability of a group to make better choices can make a big difference.

Occasionally we also have the option of a 7 day cleanse as part of this reset- that again means eating real food, but includes a few supplements to assist your body in getting back on track- including high quality probiotics and extra greens.

If you find yourself needing to get back on track after the holidays, try cutting out processed foods for one week and you'll be amazed at how much better you can feel.

Or if you are looking for specific guidance, meal plans, dozens of recipes and group accountability, join us!

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