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5 Tips for Fat Burning

Fat loss, not weight loss, is the theme recently among the women I am working with. What the scale says matters less than fitting into clothes, losing the muffin top and feeling good in our body. (That scale has WAY too much power- I'm all for throwing it out!)

With that in mind, April's 14 day reset will focus on eating for better overall health and fat burning.

Let's start with a few fat burning tips: 1) Focus on balanced meals... is there fiber? Protein? Carbs? Healthy fat? With all of these components, your body will burn more fat. A carb/fat only meal triggers fat storing (think: donut or muffin for breakfast, or pasta with cheese for lunch). 2) If you are carb sensitive, consume most of your carbs at breakfast and lunch, and you may want to focus on them in the form of fruit, veggies, quinoa and beans.

3) Moderate cardio (2-5 times a week for less than an hour) is fine but excessive cardio can trigger the stress response especially for women, raise cortisol and actually tell your body to gain weight, especially around the middle. 4) Incorporate strength training: Building lean muscle increases your fat burning, boosts metabolism with the after burn effect, and, when combined with sufficient protein intake, encourages your body to lose fat, not muscle, as you lose weight. 5) Eat mostly clean, high quality foods. I use and teach the 90/10 approach.

To dive in deeper with all the details, join us in April!

The reset is open to brand new ladies as well as repeats! I have many women that do it over and over again to get a refresh on their eating habits every few months.

Use promo code "Earlybird" to save $10 through Friday, April 12th!

Reach out to me with any questions. We focus on real food, and plenty of it, to rev up our metabolism and feel and look better. I'd love to have you join us!

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